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trip i think we should leave


everything is never as it seems

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AU where Levi is a French Muslim who does hella lot of parkour, and his distant relative, Mikasa, is Filipino Muslim.

Given that Mikasa has very Eastern features, likes to cover up, and wear Eren’s scarf, I thought it’d be cool to share this idea c:

(I was exposed to all sorts of Christians—Catholic, Presbyterian, Born-Again, and Iglesia Ni Cristo—so I asked my Ate Yas, whose Muslim, if anything looked uppity in this draw and so far she said everything’s cool c:)

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compliment the person you reblog this from in the tags

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I am so sorry for this comic lord forgive my sins

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girls dont want boys girls want yamaguchi tadashi to be a karasuno regular. 

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This is Shinji Ikari, he was 14.
This image was taken on Shinji’s computer the day before he went missing, the dark figure you see in the background is the ghost of Shinji’s dead boyfriend, Kaworu.
If you dont like this post, and forward it to 3.33 friends, then Kaworu will come to your home at 12:00 AM and behead you.

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KUROKO NO BASUKE EXTRA CHAPTER ( stories after winter cup )


KnB is getting biweekly epilogues starting today, released on the Jump+ site. The first one is about Kaijo (you can read it translated here), so the epilogues might be in the order of the teams’ introductions.

That would mean:

Oct 6 - Shutoku
Oct 20 - Touou
Nov 3 - Yosen
Nov 17 - Rakuzan
Dec - the Jump NEXT! extra

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I think the reason why I love Mikorin the most is because while all the other characters are having nice romantic development moments, he’s just here stocking up on embarrassing anime goods and looks happier than any of the others.

Plus those key chains are like 200-300 yen each! Look at how many are in his sleeve!

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Wow, Mikorin, your Obi is amazing. You look really sharp. You look so cool!!
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